Clothes tell a lot about persons

Malang, 12 April 2013

Khafidhotun Nadliroh

Clothes are very important for people. Clothes cover our bodies, protect the skin to the sun and sharp tools. Besides that, clothes show the people. Habit of wearing clothes can be judged to the people. We can know how the people by looking at their clothes. There are three perceptions that can be given to the persons by looking at their clothes.

The first perception is we can know about people’s personality by looking at their clothes. Formal and informal clothes show people’s attitude. Formal clothes show people who is discipline and responsible. In the job interview, the interviewed people must wear formal clothes to show their attitude. And the other side informal clothes show people who like enjoy situation. Looking at people’s personality also looks at their favorite color of clothes. People who like dark color of clothes show they are reserved and the closed nature. People who like bright color show they are cheerful.

The second perception is cloth tell about people status. People who always wear branded cloth show they are rich and glamor. People automatically judge that they are socialite community. Kebaya is clothes used by duchess in the past to distinguish their identity from common people. Now days kebaya can be used by all women in the certain time such as in the traditional ceremony.

The last perception is clothes show women’s life style. Women who always wear tidy clothes show that they are career women. Career women  must have good-looking because they have many relations. Their relations look at them from their appearance in the first time they met. Beside that women who always wear Moslem clothes show that they are religion. Most people judge those women always pray, join religion activities.

From that explanation above, there are three perceptions that are given to the persons by looking at their clothes. We can know about people’s attitude by looking at their clothes which are formal or informal, social status also can be showed by clothes and clothes tell about people’s life style. This is the other side of relationship between persons and their clothes that they use.


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