The ways to get a good English without taking courses

Malang, 1 Mei 2013

Khafidhotun Nadliroh

The ways to get a good English without taking courses

Nowdays, English language is the window to the world and international communication. Many students and people who have worked and married want to study English in formal or informal education which is not chip. Actually, getting a good English is not too difficult and can be got without taking course. There are some ways to get a good English. Those are from using media of electronics and formal or informal resourses and conversation.

Using media of electronics is one of the ways to get a good English. The movie can be taken as the way to get a good English. People can learn English through western movies that have been circulating widely in Indonesia. People will improve their listening and speaking by distinguishing the differeces of pronunciations, vocabularies and terms between British and American English from movies. Besides western movies, western musics are also the great one of the media to learn English. A slow rhythmic music is more suitable for beginner. After having mastered slow rhythmic music, the proceed to a stage of rapid. It would be better if people do not only listen and imitate the song, but also give meaning every word of the song. Another way is listening the international news to correct your speaking and intonation. People make a schedule to listen the international news which are SW1, SW2, from BBC London, VOA, Australia radio and the news in television.

Another way is from formal and informal resources. Formal resources usually contain formal English language which are easier than informal resources to be understood. Magazines are a formal resource which is one of the ways to get a good English. Besides magazines, reading a newspaper which is The Jakarta Post is a good way. By reading The Jakarta Post newspaper, The vocabularies spread to another areas, such as fields of health, sport, economy etc. The informal resource is a novel which is good to be considered as the way to get a good English. By reading novels, people can know how to apply English to be unique and beautiful sentences, because novels consist of English idioms and figures of speech.

The good way to improve English speaking is listening English conversation and doing conversation. People can be engaged in conversation with friends although the English is mixed in Indonesian language. Besides coversing with friends, conversing with native speakers is the best choice, people will be more confident and know what their mistakes in a conversation.

Finally, after discussing the ways of getting a good English, people can consider to use the ways which is mentioned above. The ways are easy and chip;moroever;people can do everywhere and everytime. English languge is not used in our daily activities, so it should be trained and practised by not forgetting and still admire the Indonesian language.


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